Some companies use email marketing to advertise their new customers to different customers who have provided their emails or they get this email address from the customer portals. Their aim is to have a high email delivery rates for their email marketing campaign but sometimes this is not possible due to email bouncing. An email bounce is when you send emails to different email addresses and they are sent back to you with a failure notification because the address is not valid or it does not exist. There are many factors that lead to high email bounce rate which may either be caused by technical problems or by email setting. Learn the most important lesson about reduce email bounce rate.

Email bounce can be classified depending on why it bounced back usually due to invalid address or the recipient's mail server blocking your server. Hard Bouncing occurs when emails are sent to remote servers and they cannot be delivered at all. Email delivery is facilitated by simple mail transfer protocol which communicates with the remoter server and controls the way outbound mail behaves. If you receive an error code such as 550 during the simple mail transfer protocol it means that your mail has been rejected. Soft Bouncing is when you send a mail to an active email but it is not delivered to the recipient hence it is sent back. This error occurs due to minor problems such as the server being down, the recipient's mailbox being full, the message is too large or if a mailbox isĀ  set to send an out of office reply. All of your question about hard bounce emails will be answered when you follow the link.

There are a number of ways to reduce email bounce rate such as:

Using an email verifier software to ensure the email addresses you want to send mails to ensure they are valid. You must also check the addresses for typing errors before you send.

Ensure that you have a "confirm your address" space in your sign in form whether many or in a portal to ensure that the client fill in the correct address. After they have signed in, send them a confirmation message to confirm that the email address is valid.

If your subscribers want to edit their emails, you should provide them with the link to do so.

Ensure that nobody is blacklisted in your email.

Make sure that you remove spam trap from your list as it blocks sending an email.

You can also send an email to yourself or a colleague to ensure the email is working efficiently. Seek more info about bounced emails